You know where your business is located. So do your existing customers. But that’s not the problem.

New customers need to know where to find you. And if they see conflicting addresses online, they will be less confident you still exist, and more likely to look for another business with more consistent location data. Think about your own searching habits online… when you see incomplete, inconsistent and missing information, don’t you look for another solution to your problem?

If you’ve moved at any time in your history, it’s likely old addresses still appear online. Directories are only as good as the information provided to them. And unless you’ve used a listings management service in the past, or updated directories individually, some directories have no idea you’ve moved.

Do you have a floor, unit or suite number? That can also complicate search results as different sites format and this information differently. If the information is factually the same, but the syntax is inconsistent, this can still hurt your credibility in the eyes of search engines and confidence of potential customers.

How is your business address currently listed? Find out now… CLICK HERE to run a free listing scan and dig into the individual directories. You’ll be surprised at some of the results!


How could your home address be listed instead of your retail address?

Some business owners can’t believe that their home address appears online instead of their retail or store/office address. The answer is simple. Directories get information from many different sources. If you’ve ever bought something for your business using your home address (think business supplies, furniture, checks, etc…), that order information is sold to data aggregators, who now attach this address to your business profile. Same goes for insurance, banking and utility services. Even business membership organizations, state and federal licensing and registration entities, and so on… if address confusion is a problem, simply use a listings management service like $59 Listings to solve it.

I have multiple locations… how do I prevent customers from being confused about which one is where, especially if they have different hours?

Just like each location has it’s own front door, phone number, electric bill, and staff… each location needs to establish its own data profile. While we can synchronize common elements like logo, menu, pictures, website and email address across multiple locations — if each physical address is different, you need to lock down each location independently. While $59 is already a competitive price, we can offer multi-location discount.

What if I don’t have a store location and don’t want customers showing up at my residence?

Simple. We can suppress your street address from your listing profile. But claiming and locking down your town and state is still very important to send a clear and consistent message to the search engines about the area(s) you serve.

We have one location, but service a large geographic area… how do we manage this?

This is where we utilize other data fields to tell potential customers more about your products and services. These include a FEATURED MESSAGE, DESCRIPTION, GEOMODIFIER, and NEIGHBORHOOD, just to name a few.