It should come as no surprise that online directories place businesses into categories to make it easy for web visitors to browse for solutions to their needs.

If your business is in the wrong category, you could be missing out on potential customers who won’t even see that you exist. Imagine a veterinarian listed as a real estate agent. Doesn’t help anyone.

No category? Just as bad. It’s like you don’t exist.

Managing your listing profile with $59 Listings allows you to specify and lock down the primary category that defines your business.

Furthermore, you can list additional relevant categories under which to be found. While all online directories will not list all categories for a business, you’ll be optimized for those that do!

As an example, we are currently working with a bakery that is listed as follows:


  • Food & Dining > Restaurant > Bakery > Cake Maker


  • Family & Community > Wedding Services > Wedding Bakery
  • Food & Dining > Restaurant > Bakery > Cupcake Shop
  • Food & Dining > Restaurant > Bakery > Dessert Shop
  • Food & Dining > Snacks & Candy > Cookie Shop

Another client is a landscaper, and their categorization is as follows:


  • Home & Garden > Lawn & Garden > Landscaper


  • Home & Garden > Lawn & Garden > Landscape Designer
  • Home & Garden > Lawn & Garden > Tree Trimming Service
  • Home & Garden > Lawn & Garden > Lawn Care Service
  • Home & Garden > Lawn & Garden > Tree Removal Service
  • Contractors > Fences & Gates > Fence Contractor
  • Home & Garden > Snow Removal Service

How is your business currently categorized? Find out now… CLICK HERE to run a free listing scan and dig into the individual directories. You’ll be surprised at some of the results!