What’s better to accompany your contact information across the web than a complete, accurate and descriptive overview of your business. What you do, what you don’t, and why potential customers should contact you now.

$59 Listings will also syndicate out a short 50-character featured message that some directories will display prominently alongside your contact information.

Here are sample descriptions from some of our clients…

XXXXX is an established and professional contract company founded in 1988, providing thorough, specialized cleaning for residential and commercial buildings. Vinyl, wood, and masonry surfaces such as brick, patios, sidewalks, steps and foundations are our specialties. We also offer environmental truck washing to clean heavy equipment and fleet vehicles. Our customer service, satisfaction, personnel and an exceptionally clean fleet speak for themselves. We have amazed local NH and MA home and building owners with our ability to remove green mold and mildew from your wood and vinyl siding. Call today to receive your free exterior home analysis with one of our highly experienced technicians.

In-Person or Online Autism Therapy Services. XXXXX provides Home-Based Behavioral Therapy. We use the methodological approach of Applied Behavioral Analysis, along with a holistic, individualized plan to achieve our goal of producing the best clinical outcomes for our patients. Our services can be provided by a therapist coming to your home or through the use of online technologies (Tele-health). Our treatment plan is scientifically based and data driven and will incorporate the latest technologies in order to insure our patients receive the best possible individualized treatment. At the same time we rely on a close and collaborative partnership with the family unit.

Call XXXXX for any electrical repairs, troubleshooting, panels, breakers, lighting, switches, and much more because we are “Your Neighborhood Electrician.” We get the job done right the first time with no drama. XXXXX is operated by a master electrician who has been serving RI for over 20 years. We offer all types of electrical services for residential properties including troubleshooting, new installation of light fixtures or outlets, knob and tube sign-offs, panel upgrades. We can handle something as small as replacing a switch or even rewire your entire home. We also offer electrical inspections to make sure your home is SAFE from overloaded or ungrounded wiring that could cause a fire.

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