Logo, Photos, Videos

Why would you not want to put as much information as possible in front of potential clients? With $59 Listings, we can upload, synchronize and lock down your logo, photos and videos. This information is then syndicated out to dozens of online directories along with your contact information and description.

A more complete, professional business profile with these components is more likely to be reviewed and considered by a potential customer.

Best of all, we can upload high-resolution logo and photos that aren’t cut off or pixelated.

When you have a new photo or video, it’s easy to add to your profile and update all directories in the network.

Note: not all directories feature all information that we provide to them. Please ask if you have questions about what is included on individual directories.

What logos, pictures and videos — if any — are currently being displayed with your business profile? You might be surprised to see old logos or photos that have been scraped from random places on the web. Find out now… CLICK HERE to run a free listing scan and dig into the individual directories.