What’s in a name? Everything.

You know the registered business name, nickname, and common name for your business. And so does your existing clientele. But potential customers don’t know that Hungry Charlie’s and Chuck’s is the same place. And they don’t know that Charlie’s Restaurant Group, LLC is the official name for the same business.

Consistency is the issue here, and the smallest differences can send mixed signals to both search engines and potential customers. When there is inconsistency, there is lack of confidence. And when there’s doubt, people — as well as computer algorithms — look for more complete and authoritative answers elsewhere.

This would be a good time to remind you that search engines are designed to provide the best answers. Searcher. Search Query. Relevant results.

And Google, Yahoo and Bing, as the largest three, want to provide the best possible results to every search. Many factors affect what they return with answers (which specific results and information), where (geographic location), when (time or day) and even platform (mobile device vs. desktop, for example). This is what SEO is all about… Search Engine Optimization… helping the search engines know what your business is all about, who you serve, where you are located, and why you are a better result than a competitor for each unique search query.

Listings Management is one component of SEO: current, complete, and consistent information about your business. Wouldn’t you agree that your company name is probably the most important part of your entire listing profile.

In the eyes of a search engine, these might all be seen to be different companies:

Sam Walters & Company

Sam Walters & Co

Sam Walters and Company

Sam Walters and Co

S Walters & Company

S Walters & Co

S Walters and Company

S Walters and Co

Walters & Co

Walters and Company

Walters and Co

Walters Company

Walters & Company, Inc.

Walters & Co, Inc.

Walter’s and Company

Walter’s & Co., Inc.

Walter Company

Walter & Company

Walter S Company

Walter, S Company, Inc.

and so on, and so on….

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