Phone Number

How could directories get this wrong? Easily.

For example, if any personal information is available online, it’s possible that your home or cell number has been scarped from the web and attached to your business profile. Unless you want customers calling you directly – at all hours of the day and night – then you probably want to make sure your business number is the only number attached to your business profile. A service like $59 Listings can handle this.

Furthermore, your business may have multiple contact numbers… an office number, a preferred business number, a delivery number, a toll-free number, and even a fax or TTY number. Throw in multiple locations or old addresses, and the situation can become extremely confusing. And your listing profile incredibly inconsistent.

To make matters worse… if individuals associated with the business have been active with social media, posted news stories, press releases, blogs or the like online… their personal contact number could get attached to the business profile. Do you want potential customers calling Mary in Human Resources about placing an order?

The only way to make sure people call the number you want them to is to claim and lock down your online digital profile with a service like $59 Listings.

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